Our equipment reflects our commitment to meet your demanding television production requirements. Experienced professional crews are available to operate broadcast equipment, which are listed below. Broadcast production package(s) are available with or without camera operator, soundman and/or grip. We are able to keep our rates extremely competitive because we provide the best equipment at the best rates, so we keep our gear busy. If you need equipment that is not listed below, we are able to easily procure additional cameras, dolly, jib, lighting, etc. Call Cell # 610-639-1865 or Office # 610-631-3411, to ensure that the gear and crew you want is available for the date of your next production.


Recently Acquired!


Video Tracks Productions' Video Equipment:

1 Sony PDWF800 XDCAM Pro Pac


Includes: PDWF800 XDCAM with PDW-U1 XDCAM Drive

Additional Sony Optional Accessories For PDWF800:

1 LC424 TH Shipping Case

1 HDVF200 2 Inch Viewfinder

1 ECM 6805 Stereo Shotgun Microphone

1 Sony LMD2451WHD 24” WUXGA (1920x1200) Widescreen LCD Monitor with HDSDI Board

Fujinon Premier Lens

1 HA 16X6.3BERM 2/3" Wide Angle HD Lens


ERD-20A-A02 Zoom Rate Demand Control

Anton Bauer

1 QR-SDH Gold Mount Bracket

2 HyTron 140

Kino Flo

1 KIT-3NT S120 120 VAC Interview Kit


1 2 Foot 4 Bank

2 2 foot 2 Banks

10 32 Kelvin Lamps

10 55 Kelvin Lamps


The above equipment compliments the following equipment list: 

Video Tracks Productions' Video Equipment:

Sony Broadcast Betacam SP Camcorder or DVCAM Camcorder

Canon Broadcast Inter Focus Lens 15 x 8-100 f/1.7 with 2x

Sony Camera Remote Control Unit RM-M7G, “Paint Box”

Zoom and Focus Controls

4 Anton Bauer Pro Pac Brick Batteries

Anton Bauer Quad Charger

Power Supply for Sony camcorder

Sony VA-300 Color Playback Adapter

Sachtler 20 Fluid Head with Sachtler carbon fiber tripod

Porta-Brace Cases for Camcorder and Tripod

Sony 9 Inch T.V. Monitor with Anvil Case

Sony 14 Inch T.V. Monitor

8281 Flexible BNC Cables


Video Tracks Productions' Lighting Equipment:

Arri Lighting: two 300 watt fresnels and one150 watt fresnels

with Matthews Stands, Barn Doors, & Scrims

LTM Pepper Kit includes: two 420 watt fresnels and two 200 watt fresnels

with Matthews Stands, Barn Doors, Scrims and LTM Case

Two Lowel 650 Fresnels with Matthews Stands, Barn Doors, Scrims and Prota-Brace Case

(Lowel 650 Fresnels take 300, 550 and 650 watt bulbs)

Lowel Ambi Kit includes: two 750 watt Tota-Lights with Chimeras and

two 420 watt Omni-Lights (barn door & scrims)

Frezzi Mini-Fill with Dimmer and with Chimera and Filters

35 watt bulb and Frezzi Case

(Mini-Fill powers off Anton Bauer Camcorder Bricks)

Additional Equipment

If other Cameras and or Recording Formats are needed these may be obtain with ease. Video Tracks will meet and exceed your Equipment and Crew requirements.


Video Tracks Productions' Grip Equipment:

Four Matthews C-Stands (Plus)

Four Matthews Knuckles and Four C Stand Arms

Matthews Lighting Boom with Drop Down Mount

Two Mafer Clamps

Two Matthewlini Clamps

Matthews Flex Arm with French Flag and Flex Clamp

Two Matthews Baby Plates (for floor lights)

Westcott Flexi Fill Sunlight/White

Jelly Roll filled with Lighting Jells

Rosco Black Wrap

Foam Core/Bead Board

Duvetyne/Black Cloth

Black Gaffers Tape etc.


Video Tracks Productions' Sound Equipment:

Mackie 1402 Mic/Line Mixer

Wendt X4 Four Channel Remote Mixer with power supply

Five SonaTrim Tram Lavaliers

Sennhieser MKH 60 Shotgun Microphone with indoor and outdoor windscreens Three Beyerdynamic M58 Hand Held Dynamic Microphone

VDM Carbon Fiber Fishpole

3 Canare Confidence Cables

Fostex Amplified Speaker/Monitor

2 Sony Head Sets

Belden XLR Cables

Two Sound Blankets


Additional Sound Equipment:

Two Lectrosonic UHF Wireless Microphone Systems

with Sanken COS11 Lavaliers

and M58 Beyerdynamic Hand Held microphones.

Lectosonic transmitters for the hand held microphones

Lectrosonic transmitter cables for line and mic inputs for transmitting from house mixer

H4 Digital Audio Recorder for recording radio spots or transcripts

Two Camera Audio: With Mackie Mixer or SplitMon By Peter Engh Includes: two 30 foot confidence breakaway cables for each camera. Motorola walkie talkies with 9 Channels/five mile range



2010 Eddie Bauer Ford Expedition with GPS Navigation, DVD Player and Air Suspension for Crew and Gear

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