Video Tracks Productions is a full service production company that provides professional crews and broadcast equipment.

Our clients include broadcast, cable and Fortune 500 companies. Our diverse productions range from video taping underneath bridges to hanging out of Bell helicopters; to covering  United States' Presidents; to recording corporate CEOs; from ABC News with Charles Gibson, to the Comedy Channel with Jon Stewart; to VH1 with U2, to Fox News' coverage of the Amish Murders.  

We are called upon continuously to provide equipment and personnel for the latest news stories,  corporate productions and events.  Our crew and equipment will raise your standards and meet your expectations of what television production should be.  

Broadcast Productions
-The Comedy Channel
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart -  supplied equipment and crew for the
Republican National Convention 2000
-ABC News
"Vice President Al Gore"
"The Privatization of Government Organizations"
"Amish Selling Cocaine"
 Hillary Clinton Pennsylvania Democratic Campaign 2008
-NBC News
 "Towing Abandon Cars in Philadelphia"
-Fox News
" President Bill Clinton in Philadedlphia"
-Fox Sports
"Andy Reid at the Philadelphia Eagle's Summer Camp"
-CNN/Sports Illistrated
Busch and Winston Cup Series Stock Cars Qualifing for
Dover Down's  "Monster Mile"
-Comcast Sports Network
Wyncote Pro Golf Tournament
-Wade Cablevision Sports
Cameraman on multi Camera coverage of University of Pennsylvania,
St. Joseph's University and LaSalle University
Football, Baseball,  and Basketball games
Behind the Senes with Will Smith making Wiilenium Music Video
 U2 Elevation Tour
 Boys II Men
 Will Smith
-Other Bracdcast Programs
 Miss American Pageant
New Jersey Network:  "Perth Amboy Bridge"; "Brown Feilds Program"
-Arts and Entertainment Channel
"Boby Rydell"
-Inside Edition
 "Beyond Chance",
-Ancient Mysteries
The World Tatoo Convention
-American Journal 
-Oprah Winfrey Show
  "Philly is Fat"
-Maury Povish Show
 "Scared Straight"
-Monday Night Live With Rick y Waters
 -Inside the Eagles with Howard Eskin
-The Great Sports Debate with Angelo Cataldi
Corporate Productions
Astra Zeneca
Bloomberg Television
D.G. Yuengling & Son Brewery
GSK-Glaxo Smith Kline
Larry King Show
Myrell Lynch
Price Water House Cooper
Rhythm and Blues Foundation Awards
School District of Philadelphia
Time Warner Music
Turner Broadcasting


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